This is partly the transcript fro my episode on Blacklight uploaded a few weeks ago to my YT channel Observation Deck. I know many prefer this type of information so here it is edited for this site…

Normal Research assumes no adversary’s and yet here we sit, fighting to find facts and fathom their meanings while opposing factions fight to keep those fragments of facts from surfacing…

The first clue to our new approach was Quoted by Tesla when he said: “If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”

Irrespective of your opinions on Tesla, he was correct. Unless we start to take notice of what he was saying, we will never get the answers we are looking for. The big question is…How do we translate Tesla’s words into practical tools of discovery?

Before I get to that, and I will, We also need to understand the second point. Our world is full of people that do not wish certain discoveries to be made available.

They will do anything to stop the revealing of ancient knowledge. The weakness of an alternative researchers position is they normally work alone and bring their findings to a wider audience.

This opens up the lone researcher to attacks from a much larger consortium of adversarial groups hell-bent on keeping those discoveries a secret…

So my first suggestion is to switch that paradigm on its head. My first proposal is to suggest the following:

We start with a wider collaborative audience, one that works in unison with each other, turning viewers such as you, into doers. We create a collective, a nexus working to bring the results to a much bigger audience. it will not require anyone to go digging through the internet or anything like that, it simply asks based on your location to go out and conduct a simply and exciting treasure hunt for clues. I will explain more in a while.

Let’s get back to that Tesla quote…

How do we translate Tesla’s advice into something people can actively use to uncover some of those secrets he was talking about?

Well it is a lot more simple than you might first think.

Everything in the universe has a unique frequency, and I am pretty certain, the pyramid builders and ancient advanced civilisations knew that. I mentioned in my previous video “Pyramids, world WiFi and our genetic code” check the link here:

The pyramids gave off a frequency, as do many other ancient sites and these can be measured. Remember we sent our own message into space on Voyager on a gold LP with encoded information in a form we hope the receivers will understand.

So consider this…At the very essence of everything vibration and frequency sits as a quantum gatekeeper to all knowledge, it all sounds very complex but, it is we who overcomplicate the universe, not the universe itself.

I am convinced the ancient builders left information in plain sight for us to decipher and as far as I know we have not yet taken note of the encoded clues which may be waiting for us when considering Tesla’s advice…

When we speak of vibrations and frequencies we assume we need specialist equipment to measure all sorts of things, but we don’t.

The list of minerals and rocks used in ancient constructions, were for the most part based on local resources, but many were not, many had to be dragged miles, up hills, across water and hauled up mountains in order to be placed where they now sit…

All of these rocks used for the construction of walls, tunnels and pyramids have a unique frequency, a vibration that when detected can reveal so much more about what we are looking at. within the visible light spectrum

Here is an image of minerals that all have something unique in common, can you guess what it is…apart from the fact they are found all over the world, on ancient sites, underground tunnels, fused within stone structures and impregnated in artefacts…

If you have not guess already, they are all Fluorescent, that’s right they glow when hit by a UV light or black-light as some call it.

As Tesla said, energy, vibration and frequency will reveal the secrets of the universe. Well my theory is a bit like our Voyager Golden LP we sent racing across the cosmos, what if our ancient ancestors encoded information into the tunnels, structures and artefacts that could only been seen at a particular frequency of light?

What if we have walked past countless clues looking but not seeing?

The torches and lights we use to investigate subterranean worlds, tunnels and low light situations are of the wrong spectrum. They help us find our way but may not help us see what is there waiting for discovery.

Archaeology uses UV light to inspect artefacts for micro-damage, bronze statues are also viewed under UV light.

I sometime ask myself not what is seen but what is missing and if established archaeology uses UV light on artefacts, why not do the same out in the field, maybe they do but keep those investigations secret, who knows…

So why not on ancient sites, why not tunnels and other locations?

Could we discover new information left in plain sight…

A sort of ancient invisible ink?

Could this UV view of existing discoveries reveal even more information about the past?

And is it possible that advanced races encoded information at frequencies we cannot see with the naked eye using normal torchlight?

And let us not forget, those times when in daylight, when we think we do not need a torch, we may not but would a UV light reveal more knowledge if we did? Obviously you would have to block daylight to get a good reading but for those instances a simple set up like photographers hood would be portable and effective.

So here is the idea direct from my video seen here:

Get as many hunters of knowledge as possible, that would be you guys, to visit locations local to wherever you may be in the world. This could be on family days out, or a special trip, it’s up to you, and It’s YOUR research which will form part of a larger picture.

So now we have an army, not a lone researcher working towards uncovering the truth. An collective of historical treasure hunters of truth which could easily outnumber the consortium that seek to withhold the collective knowledge of our past.

Take a blacklight/uv light with you and investigate any and all areas you can and send photos and or video clips  back to a central email which I will set up it and post it on the forum on this site for discussion.

All types of UV lights/Torches in USA:  Discount code: rbt will get you 10% of all their products.

I will upload an update once a month from information gathered. If you found something worthy of an audience. include, if you wish your name, and location I will make sure you get the credit in the collective upload on this channel for the world to see.

If we do manage to hit a mother-load of information we can all be proud of our efforts. But more than this, it will get 1,000’s more searching and I doubt whether the established narrative would survive the onslaught of new knowledge we may uncover…it may even lead to disclosure of existing discoveries.

Just to be clear, I have no idea if this will uncover new clues, but if the ancient builders have used a change of frequency or vibration to encode information, we should at least attempt to see if there is anything new to uncover.

I hope some of you will take up the torch of truth, excuse the pun, and let us shine a new light on what we can reveal by changing our visual vibration perspective.

I will leave links in the description below to places where you can pick up a UV torch or you can locate one yourself. I have been in touch with “blacklight-USA.COM  and negotiated a 10% discount for you and it is an affiliate link so I earn a small commission as well, so we all win and will help me run this channel. Just enter the code on checkout “rbt” I have included in the description below and grab yourself a 10% discount.

Discount code: rbt

We can defiantly cover more than any lone researcher if we work as one and bring it together for the world to see…and I believe we can become greater than our differences working collectively this way.

And if you think this may be a waste of your time, about 15% of diamonds glow as does many precious gems so it’s worth taking a UV light next time you go exploring.


Question everything, believe nothing and stay curious…

See you on the other side.

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Elcene Tichelaar
Elcene Tichelaar

Your mind meanders paths new and old, challenging us to look again, with new, wide open eyes.
I really enjoy your videos, and now I feel privileged to browse your library of gathered knowledge. TY
The processes and connections you arrive at, of disparate facts, reaching awesome conclusions,
with a healthy dose of Tesla’s genius.


All Good! Thanks for the discount! 🙂