Episode 10: Profile while People watching; Locate Emotional Drivers in 30 Seconds!

Profile while People watching; Locate Emotional Drivers in Anyone How learning the secrets of people watching can open your eyes to what is consciously and unconsciously happening when men and women interact with one another, and how this can give you an unbeatable edge in business, negotiation, life, and love. I am going to introduce you to the art of observational profiling a personality. More than that I am going to give you the ability to find out what the emotional driving forces are in complete strangers. IN UNDER 30 SECONDS!

The ability to know who you are with or dealing with, what gets them to act or in a certain way, to converse with someone with a certain amount of accuracy about their own past experiences and current concerns is worth gold in building great relations ships, avoiding emotional pitfalls and increasing your chances for a balanced, well adjusted life, and can help you and them heal quickly without the need to look for root causes. I will share with you the secrets of instant emotional understanding of anyone, but for that you will have to listen to the whole episode, so don’t skip…

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Episode 9: THREE Secrets of communicating with Anyone Improve your relationships

Many of us assume we speak the same language and therefore should be understood. Yet all too many of us end up in heated debates or arguments leading to misunderstanding and negative outcomes. In this episode we take a look at the details which sit behind being on the same “wavelength” and some of the more subtle yet common mistakes, how to correct them and change the way you communicate. The content I am about to share with you has changed lives, saved relationships and uncovered some of the roots which lead to less than satisfactory outcomes. Come with me now and take a few moments of your time to improve the possibility of getting that job, saving your relationship or simply becoming a better communicator and start to heal yourself and those around you…

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Episode 8: GROW SMART: Back-Engineering Success for Personal Growth

GROW SMART: Back-Engineering Success for Personal Growth

In this episode, we take a look at a well-known framework used by many successful personalities within the corporate sector and repurpose them to suit our personal requirements. I have spliced one model with another creating a powerful tool to move forward and know exactly where you are and where you are going… Why should we leave the best tools to the corporate sector when we can take them, bend the principles for our own personal success rather than the advantage of the faceless entity we work for. Today, we take back some of the ideas others use to exploit our skills and place them firmly in the hands of my listeners.

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Episode 6: How to use Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to Build a NEW YOU

Building a new You:

We are “projects under construction” and we need solid foundation to build ourselves upon. We unconsciously reinforce limiting foundations, we solidify those thoughts feelings and behaviours and become fixed in a personality.  Let us change all that and build a new you…

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Episode 3: Frequency of Deception Vs Collective Vibration: The Puppet Masters

What if you were already an enlightened being and your task is to realize that?

This week’s episode goes deeper into the areas of how we as a species deal with the changes in our world.

It seems to show that if it were simply human intervention it would not be destroying the very air we breathe or the water we drink and the food we eat.

I ask the questions of what would a subtle invasion look like, not the overt alien movies Hollywood portray but the idea that a few intelligent beings could enslave a planet-wide population with stealth and gaining ownership of key resources. If you had a limited number,

if you did not have the means of a full scale “shock and ore” frontal attack; How would you go about enslaving a planet?

The collective consciousness of our world has been altered, it has been lowered to such a degree we are already too complacent for our own good.

Is this who we have become?

If so where will it lead us?

The electromagnetic pollution we currently have and the oncoming 5G network will no doubt seal the fate of many and yet we still are unwilling to change, unwilling to believe we are much more than we give ourselves credit for.

Could this apathy be part of the plan, could our complacency be a result of all this psychological terra-forming while our eco-system is systematically destroyed.

This and many more questions are raised and please watch to the end since it contains the start of the solutions we need to understand.

Being greater than you think you can be is the first step to breaking the spell we find ourselves under, and be under no illusion, it is a spell.


And as always…

Question everything, believe nothing and stay curious…

See you on the other side.

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Episode 1: Cracking The Mind Code: How to be your own Opti-Mystic Self

Cracking The Mind Code: How to be your own Opti-Mystic Self

Welcome to this week’s episode of the Observation Deck.

I discuss the use of chemical aids in transcending the limitations of the mind but quickly go from a very short history of this aspect onto becoming your own Opti-Mystic WITHOUT the needs for additional aids.

The power of your own mind can produce anything you wish, believe me, I know.

I have included two cases from my own past to illustrate the power of the mind and what it is capable of doing. Tips on how to change your mind permanently and explanations of why we attract the things we do not want.

All this and much more in this upload. I hope you find it interesting but above all helpful. If you do then please share it with anyone who may benefit from my latest musings on the human condition.


And as always…

Question everything, believe nothing and stay curious…

See you on the other side…

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