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Part 1


This blog post forms part of an ongoing set of posts I wanted to get to you. It will come in a number of posts of which I have yet to calculate. My journey into the alternative view of the world started, as all journeys do, inside my head and to commence that journey I had to learn a few things about myself.

These posts are not what you would call my normal You Tube content since this is my website and is here to help as many as I can with examples from my own experience and I hope it does exactly that.

I am by profession a psychologist and life-coach and that is really all that needs to be said. As you would expect I have a slightly different view of the traditional approach to emotional challenges and I hope they help you in your own journey.

From the observation deck of life I try to remain impartial but I am human so I make no apology for the odd slip…

I guess many of us watch, video’s, gather information and generally try to expand our understanding, I am no different. But it struck me that with all the information available our biggest challenge is to filter the facts from fiction.

It may seem a huge task, but it really is not, not once you understand WHAT it is to LOOK out for. After all, this is the observation Deck.

What I am going to share with you is the very first time the contents of a book I have been working on for a long time. It is nowhere near ready yet but it is far enough along for me to share some of the information inside.

So what is it about?

Well it’s about us and how everyone has been fooled into thinking in certain ways. This leads us to make the wrong assumptions, and in most cases puts to sleep the inquisitive and detective powers you were born with (Critical thinking).

I believe we need to understand the difference between “SMART” people and “Educated” people.

Educated people are those who can retain information, we can know that by the system of verification that comes with an education.

TESTS: These check to see if you can recall what you have been taught, if you can and agree with the system you will pass. Well done, you just past the most common memory test, irrespective of the subject matter.

Smart people tend to question everything in such ways as to not get involved in the assumptions made which look like facts by people with nothing more than “opinions.” And you will find this approach underlies everything from science to speeches.

I going to start with a lesson in mental freedom. Sounds quite a mouthful but there it is. Are you aware of the concept of mental freedom?

The shackles of mental incarceration were forged long before we were old enough to defend against them. The result is a pail substitute of what we consider freedom of thought.

I hope you find this first instalment interesting and helpful and you never know, it may help remove some of the early programming. We need to understand the framework of HOW to think was forged LONG before we entered into the INDOCTRINATION SYSTEM SOLD AS EDUCATION.



Our lives are driven by emotions, good, bad and neutral. Many of us believe we don’t have the confidence to move forward in life because of the immense sense of the fear of failure. We translate that fear into a lack of confidence since we don’t like to admit we are scared.

This ONE thing can lead to any amount of unfulfilled dreams and ambitions for millions of people who sadly never realise those dreams. I have spent years coaching and training people to regain the confidence they (YOU) were born with.

Childhood trauma can stay with us for a lifetime, relationships can leave us emotionally broken and afraid to love again, while our dreams seemed to have faded in favour of trying to keep our heads and hearts above financial waters.

We are not here to survive

The simple fact is we already own all the emotional resources to be and do what we dream of. The biggest problem most of us have is not the resources we have but the idea (not fact) we no longer own them.

How many times did you fall over as a child learning to walk?

Too many times to count or remember I would guess. Learning to walk can take some children much longer than others, the point is this…


Fear of failure is “suggested” over time through observed actions or words. As children we have not idea of what failure is.

In all my years in this area of life, it all comes back to the same things, how to understand and command the emotions that drive our actions. By the time we master what we “think” we have missed the root or source of that thought since we skipped pass understanding how we feel.

Buying a house is what we do, what we look for is a home.

The difference is “Thinking/rational” is about the (House) the other “Feeling/emotional” is stronger (Home) and ultimately leads to the purchase. Think of all the places you saw when house hunting, yes you took all sorts of logistical things into consideration, work, school, shops etc..But at the end of it all we purchased the biggest financial commitment based on could it or does it “feel” like HOME.

The clothes we purchase, the jewellery, shoes, cars, movies in fact anything you care to mention, all purchased because we “liked” that one better than the other. “Liked” is an emotional driver followed instantly by action (purchase). And we are masters at rationalising our emotional purchases.

The largest profit in supermarkets is sweets (sugar) they need to shift a lot of sugar. Place it by the till, eye level and wait for all those “impulse” buys. We even use the term “Retail-therapy” because it makes us “Feel” good (it does not last long because it’s an emotional lie and you cannot fool your UNCONSCIOUS).

Would you not like to be able to first understand how the emotional mind works?

With It comes greater control over your emotional intelligence. In order to do that we have to look at what, why and where we can use this for the benefit of ourselves and those around us.

If thriving rather than surviving is what you want, if living your potential is a dream that has been sitting far too long on the back-burner of life then this is for you.

If you feel nothing seems to work no matter how hard you try believe me on this. By the time you get to the end of this book the child inside will awaken and not only walk again but learn to fly.

I am not going to sugar-coat what you have to do, I’m going to be honest and to the point. The idea of this book is to get you “thinking” about the way you “think.” In order to do this effectively we will delve into what drives those thoughts…FEELINGS.

Let me end this introduction by saying…

Like all positive emotions NO ONE can give you what you already own. What they can do is help you re-discover it within yourself. This book will give you a mental re-boot but only if you take the time to consider your POV and “adapt” how you see things.

Change how you feel, changes how you think, dictates how you act.

So let yourself start acting upon the world around you rather than reacting to it.

I am not looking to make a “New-You.”

We are looking at uncovering the abilities you
OWNED when you were new.


Robert OD


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There are many reasons that Critical Thinking and Problem Solving are not taught in the indoctrinational … I mean educational institutions these days.


Looking forward to reading the rest – as a teacher I felt most of what I did was brainwashing and with the National Curriculum dictating what and how to teach the central control over education is stifling. No joy in learning more like a prison system.


It would be nice to see a return to teaching of critical thinking and problem solving skills for sure.


Spell out POV just in case readers haven’t seen it or are having a senior moment.