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21/04/2019 1:28 am  

Hello all.

Based on the youtube videos i made up a little story.

Many call the secret societies and groups gatekeepers of truth.
But what if they are gatekeepers in the literal sense guarding the doors between worlds.
What if humanity (or a part of it) originates from inside the earth but got separated and lost its memory and means to go back?
Maybe because of catastrophies as a kind of "divine intervention" that was not a coincidence?
Sumerian giants and other kind of giants that lived long and stories of beings from inner earth who also giants too.Coincidence?
Why was the sun that loved by many ancient civilizations?

Is it because it was loved by those original surface dwellers who wanted to live outside because of the sun?
Or is it because there was no visible sun for a long time?
There might be many portals entrances back to those worlds even though
passing them might not be possible anymore(my guess) but they are closed and guarded by governments anyway...
Inner earth civilizations are similar to alien civilizations.
Maybe they are even in a different time-dimension now
and cannot interfere with this world or they can but dont want or they follow rules.
Anyhow the real truth might be about these secrets all around the world in forms of pyramids
or buildings or artifacts.Whatever the reason might be behind that no beings present themselves to us from inner earth...
...more and more people starts to ask questions.

If you want just add a few hollywood movie twists to the story.Like rescue teams or separated in between civilizations who were stuck inside the earth between the two worlds....This is how the media covers up everything anyway.They just make a movie about something so people will not dare to think it as truth.

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23/04/2019 1:33 pm  

I would suppose by and large, the gatekeepers of the knowledge, as it would seem there would be very few capable of remaining unnoticed traveling freely between such vastly different cultures and realms. Then again, they may also serve as a sort of buffer to shield these beings that do travel so freely. Difficult to say. 

Whether you believe you can, or believe you cannot, you are correct.

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24/04/2019 9:32 am  

Whether they are safeguarding knowledge or passages to the inner part of the Earth, it doesn't really matter. They definitely obstruct the evolution of everyone else and it's doubtful they evolve much themselves, since they are gradually robbed of their free will as they are indoctrinated in the ideologies of their secret societies.

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02/05/2019 2:44 am  

There have been various secret societies for as many reasons as there are secrets, and they all fairly well had/have their own agendas.  With the exceptions of the 9 Unknown Men, I would say that all present societies are motivated primarily through their own self-interest and any disclosures would do well to keep that in mind.

Regarding Sun's simple, really.  The Sun is/was seen as the primary symbol of the Creator God that is common to all religions/faiths on the planet that share the same characteristics and not necessarily just the Judeo-Christian deity.  I found a good resource for learning more about the Sun worship from a YT channel named "Sakro Sawel" that I have been watching recently.

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