The Maverick coach

Part 1


This blog post forms part of an ongoing set of posts I wanted to get to you. It will come in a number of posts of which I have yet to calculate. My journey into the alternative view of the world started, as all journeys do, inside my head and to commence that journey I had to learn a few things about myself.

These posts are not what you would call my normal You Tube content since this is my website and is here to help as many as I can with examples from my own experience and I hope it does exactly that.

I am by profession a psychologist and life-coach and that is really all that needs to be said. As you would expect I have a slightly different view of the traditional approach to emotional challenges and I hope they help you in your own journey.

From the observation deck of life I try to remain impartial but I am human so I make no apology for the odd slip…

I guess many of us watch, video’s, gather information and generally try to expand our understanding, I am no different. But it struck me that with all the information available our biggest challenge is to filter the facts from fiction.

It may seem a huge task, but it really is not, not once you understand WHAT it is to LOOK out for. After all, this is the observation Deck.

What I am going to share with you is the very first time the contents of a book I have been working on for a long time. It is nowhere near ready yet but it is far enough along for me to share some of the information inside.

So what is it about?

Well it’s about us and how everyone has been fooled into thinking in certain ways. This leads us to make the wrong assumptions, and in most cases puts to sleep the inquisitive and detective powers you were born with (Critical thinking).

I believe we need to understand the difference between “SMART” people and “Educated” people.

Educated people are those who can retain information, we can know that by the system of verification that comes with an education.

TESTS: These check to see if you can recall what you have been taught, if you can and agree with the system you will pass. Well done, you just past the most common memory test, irrespective of the subject matter.

Smart people tend to question everything in such ways as to not get involved in the assumptions made which look like facts by people with nothing more than “opinions.” And you will find this approach underlies everything from science to speeches.

I going to start with a lesson in mental freedom. Sounds quite a mouthful but there it is. Are you aware of the concept of mental freedom?

The shackles of mental incarceration were forged long before we were old enough to defend against them. The result is a pail substitute of what we consider freedom of thought.

I hope you find this first instalment interesting and helpful and you never know, it may help remove some of the early programming. We need to understand the framework of HOW to think was forged LONG before we entered into the INDOCTRINATION SYSTEM SOLD AS EDUCATION.



Our lives are driven by emotions, good, bad and neutral. Many of us believe we don’t have the confidence to move forward in life because of the immense sense of the fear of failure. We translate that fear into a lack of confidence since we don’t like to admit we are scared.

This ONE thing can lead to any amount of unfulfilled dreams and ambitions for millions of people who sadly never realise those dreams. I have spent years coaching and training people to regain the confidence they (YOU) were born with.

Childhood trauma can stay with us for a lifetime, relationships can leave us emotionally broken and afraid to love again, while our dreams seemed to have faded in favour of trying to keep our heads and hearts above financial waters.

We are not here to survive

The simple fact is we already own all the emotional resources to be and do what we dream of. The biggest problem most of us have is not the resources we have but the idea (not fact) we no longer own them.

How many times did you fall over as a child learning to walk?

Too many times to count or remember I would guess. Learning to walk can take some children much longer than others, the point is this…


Fear of failure is “suggested” over time through observed actions or words. As children we have not idea of what failure is.

In all my years in this area of life, it all comes back to the same things, how to understand and command the emotions that drive our actions. By the time we master what we “think” we have missed the root or source of that thought since we skipped pass understanding how we feel.

Buying a house is what we do, what we look for is a home.

The difference is “Thinking/rational” is about the (House) the other “Feeling/emotional” is stronger (Home) and ultimately leads to the purchase. Think of all the places you saw when house hunting, yes you took all sorts of logistical things into consideration, work, school, shops etc..But at the end of it all we purchased the biggest financial commitment based on could it or does it “feel” like HOME.

The clothes we purchase, the jewellery, shoes, cars, movies in fact anything you care to mention, all purchased because we “liked” that one better than the other. “Liked” is an emotional driver followed instantly by action (purchase). And we are masters at rationalising our emotional purchases.

The largest profit in supermarkets is sweets (sugar) they need to shift a lot of sugar. Place it by the till, eye level and wait for all those “impulse” buys. We even use the term “Retail-therapy” because it makes us “Feel” good (it does not last long because it’s an emotional lie and you cannot fool your UNCONSCIOUS).

Would you not like to be able to first understand how the emotional mind works?

With It comes greater control over your emotional intelligence. In order to do that we have to look at what, why and where we can use this for the benefit of ourselves and those around us.

If thriving rather than surviving is what you want, if living your potential is a dream that has been sitting far too long on the back-burner of life then this is for you.

If you feel nothing seems to work no matter how hard you try believe me on this. By the time you get to the end of this book the child inside will awaken and not only walk again but learn to fly.

I am not going to sugar-coat what you have to do, I’m going to be honest and to the point. The idea of this book is to get you “thinking” about the way you “think.” In order to do this effectively we will delve into what drives those thoughts…FEELINGS.

Let me end this introduction by saying…

Like all positive emotions NO ONE can give you what you already own. What they can do is help you re-discover it within yourself. This book will give you a mental re-boot but only if you take the time to consider your POV and “adapt” how you see things.

Change how you feel, changes how you think, dictates how you act.

So let yourself start acting upon the world around you rather than reacting to it.

I am not looking to make a “New-You.”

We are looking at uncovering the abilities you
OWNED when you were new.


Robert OD




This article was originally published at:

The original site is no longer available but I felt it important to maintain the legacy of Rife’s work so here is the background as written in 2002…

Royal R. Rife was a brilliant scientist and a hero in our time. He developed many scientific break-through in both the field of microscopy as well as medicine.

In the early 1930’s Royal Raymond Rife invented the first, and currently still the most powerful, electron microscope and he was the first person to see living viruses. In his quest to build this microscope he developed a method of identifying different organisms and their MOR’s or mortal oscilliary rates. This meant that each organism had a signature frequency at which it vibrated at.  Rife further developed this technology by building a frequency instrument which was able to reproduce these MOR’s and thus kill the organisms.

The theory, in plain English, can be explained using an analogy of an opera singer who uses her voice to shatter a crystal glass. The glass is vibrating at a certain frequency and when the opera singer sings at that particular frequency the glass shatters in the same way as the organism shattering when it is exposed to the frequency generated by the Rife machine.

Rife mapped the MOR’s of hundreds of viruses and bacteria and the instrument is currently used today to treat over 300 different ailments.



Why is the Pharmaceutical
Industry afraid of this man?

The distinguished medical doctors who originally confirmed part or all of this discovery included: E.C. Rosenow, Sr. (Chief of Bacteriology, 32 yrs., at Mayo Clinic), Fredrich Koch (Detroit, Brazil), Gaston Naessens (Quebec), Sakae Inoue (Japan), Georges Mazet (France,), Franz Gerlach (Germany), Niello Mori and Clara Fonti (Italy), Cameron Gruner (McGill Univ.), T.J. Glover (Canada), Florence Seibert (V.A. Research Lab,Bay Pines, Fla.), Irene Diller (Inst. of Cancer Research, Phila, Penn), Eleanor Alex. Jackson and Virginia Livingston (NJ & San Diego clinics).

The University of Southern California sponsored a Special-Medical Research team years ago, to evaluate this electronic therapy on the terminally ill. After 130 days, EVERY PATIENT in the study had recovered without side effects of any kind.

The medical team which evaluated the therapy for the University of Southern California included: Rufus Klein-Schmidt (President, Univ. of Southern California), Milbank Johnson (then the President of the Southern Calif AMA), Arthur Kendall (Director, Northwestern Medical School), Edward Kopps (Metabolic Clinic, La Jolla), George Fischer (Children’s Hospital, NY), Karl Meyer (Hooper Foundation, San Francisco), Whalen Morrison (Chief Surgeon, Sta. Fe Railway), George Dock.

And why hasn’t your doctor told you? Because doctors can’t use it until it’s FDA approved. You can only use it yourself, to investigate its uses.

Second, until it’s FDA approved, it’s illegal for doctors or anyone selling a product to tell you that it cures anything. Even if medical studies show that a product cures everything, those who say so without FDA approval can be charged with making “fraudulent medical claims” and “mislabelling.”

Well, then why not get FDA approval for this therapy? Primarily because bringing a product to market through FDA approval costs about $234 million. That’s only about 3 days of earnings for the prescription drug industry, but probably more than you could spare.

So unless you can spare $234 million for FDA approval, the rules are rigged to maintain the drug industry’s monopoly on health care. By now you may be wondering, “Who developed such a remarkable therapy?”

It was developed by the gifted scientist and winner of 14 government awards, Royal Raymond Rife. And it is again available, after being lost for years.

Rife discovered that any disease can be eliminated with frequencies based on its individual electromagnetic signature. But agents of the pharmaceutical cartel destroyed his papers. It has taken years to finally reconstruct his work again.

Now why would the pharmaceutical cartel try to suppress a cure? It was alarmed that their customers might abandon drugs for a more effective cure, that costs only pennies in electricity to use.

By now you are probably saying to yourself, “But this is crazy! Are you telling me that the medical profession just ignored a harmless electronic method to rapidly eliminate all this pain and suffering, even after all those doctors confirmed this work?”

Yes, that’s right. Historically, conventional medicine has taken years to utilise great discoveries (such as penicillin). Medicine awards its highest honours posthumously.

Typically, a discovery which challenges the dogma of orthodox authorities will first be regarded as heresy. Pasteur, for example, was ridiculed and reviled, until medicine finally accepted his germ theory of disease.

And before him, Semmelweis was hounded to death merely for suggesting that 19th century surgeons might be killing patients by operating right after an autopsy without washing their hands.

Other visionaries who were discredited and roasted over a pit in a “Medical Inquisition” were Wilhelm Roentgen for discovering X-rays, Morton for ether anaesthesia, and Harvey for claiming that blood circulates!

And now that health care is our largest industry, anything that may eliminate all illness will be highly unpopular with all whose services become unnecessary.

The following are just a few of the distinguished medical doctors who were harassed and persecuted in modern times for discoveries that threatened the health care industry—

Doctors Revici, Burzynski, Livingston, IVY, Burton, W.F. Koch, Coley, Glover, Lincoln, Priore and Naessens, a scientist. Dr. Koch was killed by arsenic injected in his toothpaste. There is a tragic story implicating the drug cartel in every case.

Perhaps now you understand that any true cure for cancer, diabetes, arthritis and other diseases must always be suppressed for the status quo to continue. It’s just like war: millions of people suffer and die because it’s so very profitable for others.

Disease is especially profitable for the Pharmaceutical cartel. Rife’s new technology could eliminate profits of nearly a billion dollars a week for the drug industry. How long do you think it ignored such a threat? The answer is, not long. After a preliminary “offer you can’t refuse”, this is what happened to Rife and his astonishing electronic therapy:

First, arsonists burned the Burnett Lab in New Jersey, which was validating Rife’s work.

Then, someone fatally poisoned Dr. Milbank Johnson, president of the Southern California American Medical Association. He died hours before a scheduled press conference in which he was to announce that Rife’s electronic therapy cured every terminal patient in a study supervised by the University of Southern California.

(First thought to be accidental death, poison was discovered later by federal investigators who exhumed Dr. Johnson’s body).

Dr. Nemes, who duplicated some of Rife’s work just 40 miles from Rife’s lab, was killed in a mysterious fire which destroyed his lab. Rife stopped work, but died at Grossmont Hospital from a lethal dose of Valium.

Following Dr. Milbank Johnson’s murder, threats, and other incidents; 30 doctors once photographed honouring Rife at a banquet now denied they ever knew him! Dr. Isaac Kendall, Rife’s chief research associate and Dean of Northwestern Medical School, received $200,000 in “grants” & disappeared. Was this a bribe?

It took many years for Rife’s colleagues to secretly reconstruct enough of his burned and stolen papers to make effective Rife instruments again available to the public.

In spite of the persecution, sceptics may still wonder why those who knew Rife remained silent. Well, look at it this way—

Maybe you think hospitals want in on this. But why would hospital administrators want anything that costs pennies to use, and keeps people out of hospitals altogether?

Remember–conventional therapy keeps a patient in bed at $600 a day (just for the bed). And hospitals can bill a cancer patient $200,000 if he has insurance.

Okay, then how about research foundations or teaching institutions? Wrong again. Who wants a cure that eliminates potential profit?

Even the giant health insurance industry would be dealt a severe blow by a cure for most diseases. So everyone had much to lose by recognising Rife.

But if all those doctors confirmed Rife’s discoveries, and if the enclosed letters are authentic, wouldn’t your doctor have heard about this?

First, the pharmaceutical industry kept Rife out of the medical journals. Since it supported these journals with its advertising, a threat to pull its ads and sponsor another journal was all it took.

So most of today’s doctors never heard of Rife. And even if they did, it’s naive to assume they would report favourably on anything that would replace his services. If you don’t believe they would mislead you, try asking your doctor about the benefits of using vitamins & herbs.

The trouble is, health care is just too profitable. Their livelihoods depend on treating disease. No disease, no jobs.

(Additional note by OD): In case you are not aware in America if you have medical insurance part of the “deal” is you WILL adhere to the “specific” treatment suggested within the policy. That is to say if your doctor confirms you have a particular condition that will result in a specific course of operational of drug action.

It is in fact a closed loop system supporting ONLY the pharmaceutical corporations and nothing else.

But surely some medical authority somewhere would alert the news media. So why didn’t it make the regular news?

It did. A front page on San Diego’s paper. But just try to get a copy yourself: you’ll be told that this particular date is “unavailable”. Fortunately, a few dedicated doctors and engineers did work together to reconstruct Rife’s technology after his death. And after many years, it’s once again available. Like Rife, they too have experienced sabotage, and maintain a low profile or go underground to stay in business.

So Rife Instruments are now available, but until someone gets them FDA-approved for the medical profession (which may be never, if the drug industry has its way) you have to get your own instrument. If you wish to investigate it, you can only use it on yourself, animals, or cell cultures.

Despite sabotage and restrictions on use by the medical profession, these first “Rife” instruments had such astonishing success that several engineers are now selling their own versions of Rife’s devices.

These engineers tried to reconstruct his technology without the benefit of Rife’s concepts and his 40-plus years of research. Unfortunately for their customers, most of these “knock- offs” produce minimal results.

But a few manufacturers have succeeded in reproducing the results of the USC study, approaching 100% (others are still unable to copy them, due to unreadable programming, insoluble epoxy, PALS, & relabelled chips.)

One of the world’s leading suppliers of Rife tech can be found here: Just tell them OD sent you 🙂

In the final analysis, the only way to know if such a remarkable therapy actually exists is to experience it firsthand.

Not just another rigged double-blind trial, whose conclusion is paid for and dictated in advance by vested interests. But a trial conducted by the one impartial sponsor who has nothing to lose by learning the truth: yourself.

HOW DID RIFE DO IT? Royal Raymond Rife was perhaps the most brilliant and persistent scientist in history. Where technology didn’t exist, Rife invented it—the very first micromanipulators, micro-dissectors, and heterodyning ultraviolet microscopes. He won 14 government awards for scientific discoveries, and a medical degree (hon.) from the University of Heidelberg.

Millionaires like Henry Timken financed Rife’s work, such as the Universal Microscope, with 5,682 parts. With this superb microscope, Royal Raymond Rife became the first human being to actually see a virus. After nearly 20,000 unsuccessful attempts, Rife finally isolated and identified the human cancer virus, and named it “Cryptocides Primordiales”.

Rife inoculated 400 lab animals with this virus, created 400 tumours, and then eliminated every cancer tumour by using his instrument to modify its electronic signature. This is all chronicled in “The Cancer Cure That Worked” (see order form).

Rife used the same technology for other “incurable” diseases. Constructing his own equipment, Rife painstakingly analysed the precise energetic signature unique to each.

By exposing disease organisms to highly modified forms of their own unique electromagnetic pattern of oscillation, Rife discovered he could destroy them (and nothing else) by the millions. How is this possible?

Every biochemical compound oscillates at its own distinct frequency pattern. Therefore, every living thing has its own unique electromagnetic signature, and this pattern is genetically determined-and thus unlike any other species.

After decades of research, Rife isolated the patterns, modified them and used them to kill the microbes that produced them!

Just as a wine glass is shattered only by a particular frequency, so Rife’s frequencies destroy only the disease organism whose oscillation pattern corresponds to the modified pattern he broadcast. Therefore, RIFE THERAPY IS ONE OF THE VERY FEW THERAPIES KNOWN TO BE FREE OF ANY SIDE EFFECT.

Question everything, believe nothing and stay curious…

See you on the other side.




This is partly the transcript fro my episode on Blacklight uploaded a few weeks ago to my YT channel Observation Deck. I know many prefer this type of information so here it is edited for this site…

Normal Research assumes no adversary’s and yet here we sit, fighting to find facts and fathom their meanings while opposing factions fight to keep those fragments of facts from surfacing…

The first clue to our new approach was Quoted by Tesla when he said: “If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”

Irrespective of your opinions on Tesla, he was correct. Unless we start to take notice of what he was saying, we will never get the answers we are looking for. The big question is…How do we translate Tesla’s words into practical tools of discovery?

Before I get to that, and I will, We also need to understand the second point. Our world is full of people that do not wish certain discoveries to be made available.

They will do anything to stop the revealing of ancient knowledge. The weakness of an alternative researchers position is they normally work alone and bring their findings to a wider audience.

This opens up the lone researcher to attacks from a much larger consortium of adversarial groups hell-bent on keeping those discoveries a secret…

So my first suggestion is to switch that paradigm on its head. My first proposal is to suggest the following:

We start with a wider collaborative audience, one that works in unison with each other, turning viewers such as you, into doers. We create a collective, a nexus working to bring the results to a much bigger audience. it will not require anyone to go digging through the internet or anything like that, it simply asks based on your location to go out and conduct a simply and exciting treasure hunt for clues. I will explain more in a while.

Let’s get back to that Tesla quote…

How do we translate Tesla’s advice into something people can actively use to uncover some of those secrets he was talking about?

Well it is a lot more simple than you might first think.

Everything in the universe has a unique frequency, and I am pretty certain, the pyramid builders and ancient advanced civilisations knew that. I mentioned in my previous video “Pyramids, world WiFi and our genetic code” check the link here:

The pyramids gave off a frequency, as do many other ancient sites and these can be measured. Remember we sent our own message into space on Voyager on a gold LP with encoded information in a form we hope the receivers will understand.

So consider this…At the very essence of everything vibration and frequency sits as a quantum gatekeeper to all knowledge, it all sounds very complex but, it is we who overcomplicate the universe, not the universe itself.

I am convinced the ancient builders left information in plain sight for us to decipher and as far as I know we have not yet taken note of the encoded clues which may be waiting for us when considering Tesla’s advice…

When we speak of vibrations and frequencies we assume we need specialist equipment to measure all sorts of things, but we don’t.

The list of minerals and rocks used in ancient constructions, were for the most part based on local resources, but many were not, many had to be dragged miles, up hills, across water and hauled up mountains in order to be placed where they now sit…

All of these rocks used for the construction of walls, tunnels and pyramids have a unique frequency, a vibration that when detected can reveal so much more about what we are looking at. within the visible light spectrum

Here is an image of minerals that all have something unique in common, can you guess what it is…apart from the fact they are found all over the world, on ancient sites, underground tunnels, fused within stone structures and impregnated in artefacts…

If you have not guess already, they are all Fluorescent, that’s right they glow when hit by a UV light or black-light as some call it.

As Tesla said, energy, vibration and frequency will reveal the secrets of the universe. Well my theory is a bit like our Voyager Golden LP we sent racing across the cosmos, what if our ancient ancestors encoded information into the tunnels, structures and artefacts that could only been seen at a particular frequency of light?

What if we have walked past countless clues looking but not seeing?

The torches and lights we use to investigate subterranean worlds, tunnels and low light situations are of the wrong spectrum. They help us find our way but may not help us see what is there waiting for discovery.

Archaeology uses UV light to inspect artefacts for micro-damage, bronze statues are also viewed under UV light.

I sometime ask myself not what is seen but what is missing and if established archaeology uses UV light on artefacts, why not do the same out in the field, maybe they do but keep those investigations secret, who knows…

So why not on ancient sites, why not tunnels and other locations?

Could we discover new information left in plain sight…

A sort of ancient invisible ink?

Could this UV view of existing discoveries reveal even more information about the past?

And is it possible that advanced races encoded information at frequencies we cannot see with the naked eye using normal torchlight?

And let us not forget, those times when in daylight, when we think we do not need a torch, we may not but would a UV light reveal more knowledge if we did? Obviously you would have to block daylight to get a good reading but for those instances a simple set up like photographers hood would be portable and effective.

So here is the idea direct from my video seen here:

Get as many hunters of knowledge as possible, that would be you guys, to visit locations local to wherever you may be in the world. This could be on family days out, or a special trip, it’s up to you, and It’s YOUR research which will form part of a larger picture.

So now we have an army, not a lone researcher working towards uncovering the truth. An collective of historical treasure hunters of truth which could easily outnumber the consortium that seek to withhold the collective knowledge of our past.

Take a blacklight/uv light with you and investigate any and all areas you can and send photos and or video clips  back to a central email which I will set up it and post it on the forum on this site for discussion.

All types of UV lights/Torches in USA:  Discount code: rbt will get you 10% of all their products.

I will upload an update once a month from information gathered. If you found something worthy of an audience. include, if you wish your name, and location I will make sure you get the credit in the collective upload on this channel for the world to see.

If we do manage to hit a mother-load of information we can all be proud of our efforts. But more than this, it will get 1,000’s more searching and I doubt whether the established narrative would survive the onslaught of new knowledge we may uncover…it may even lead to disclosure of existing discoveries.

Just to be clear, I have no idea if this will uncover new clues, but if the ancient builders have used a change of frequency or vibration to encode information, we should at least attempt to see if there is anything new to uncover.

I hope some of you will take up the torch of truth, excuse the pun, and let us shine a new light on what we can reveal by changing our visual vibration perspective.

I will leave links in the description below to places where you can pick up a UV torch or you can locate one yourself. I have been in touch with “blacklight-USA.COM  and negotiated a 10% discount for you and it is an affiliate link so I earn a small commission as well, so we all win and will help me run this channel. Just enter the code on checkout “rbt” I have included in the description below and grab yourself a 10% discount.

Discount code: rbt

We can defiantly cover more than any lone researcher if we work as one and bring it together for the world to see…and I believe we can become greater than our differences working collectively this way.

And if you think this may be a waste of your time, about 15% of diamonds glow as does many precious gems so it’s worth taking a UV light next time you go exploring.


Question everything, believe nothing and stay curious…

See you on the other side.


Ok, so I admit Love star Trek and have been a fan since its first episode but what has this got to do with ancient history?

Well, I spent many an afternoon trying to get the one thing all those episodes and movies kept skipping over.

How the heck did they get from what we have now, which in all honesty is a shit existence in the grand game of life , manipulated by the greedy few; To the galactic utopia of living to explore our potential and meet other species without killing them on sight.

This transition period has always been somewhat avoided in all the Trek adventures and could never figure out why. My first thoughts were…

If they ever made a movie explaining in detail how we went from what we have now to what they show then it would or could act as a blueprint for a global uprising to “make-it-so.”

But then I pondered for a few months longer and had one of those “light bulb” moments.

And this is where the link to ancient history comes in…

We all know that many movies and TV shows contain elements of truth and hidden Easter-eggs from the world we call reality. While researching other subjects from our distant past and the general idea we had our DNA manipulated by an advance race many thousands of years ago for any number of reasons, the most popular being a sort of “slave-race.”

My “moment” as it were was to look at Star Trek in reverse, yes, the opposite way around in terms of timelines. We assume, since the storyline tells us, it is set around the 24th century and we have overcome all of humanities urges to wage war and generally be assholes to each other and, well anything really. Our exploitation of resources and each other is/was our defining trait and also our downfall.


If we reverse the storyline we get a different view of the “federation” and start to see things from those “advanced beings” point of view. If we travel BACK to a time before our written history and the manipulation of our DNA by the Anunnaki, we arrive at what could have been part of a galactic federation, explorers, not so intent on maintaining the “prime-directive” but advanced enough to exploit what they found.

Our pre-history includes a prediluvian world, not only of giant trees, huge animals and sea creatures but untold advances which we are still trying to figure out today. There was a utopia that existed, a world where money was not the goal of the worker bees, the slaves to a capitalist system but enough food for all, shelter  and the time to peruse art, science, exploration and the general meaning of life.

This is the direct mirroring of what Rodenberry’s federation was claimed to have been and although set in the not too distant future, was in fact tales from our distant past.

In the movie “First Contact” (1996) the story is they went back in time (our future) to make sure first-contact happened. But we already know first contact happened in our own distant past in the ancient texts and carvings the mainstream keeps denying.

I wonder where Rodenberry got his ideas from?

Who was Gene Roddenberry? What insider information did he have almost 50 years ago? Roddenberry grew up in Los Angeles, where his father was a police officer. Later he became a licensed pilot, joined the US Army Air Forces in 1941, and flew 89 missions. After he left the military, he flew for Pan Am and continued his aviation-world ties. In the 1950s, while he was a freelance writer for Hollywood, Roddenberry worked for the Los Angeles Police Department. Gene Roddenberry was also a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Freemason.

Many of the “future tech” in Star Trek is now a reality, including cloaking devices, communicators and we now have the first steps in food replicators!

If you look at all the ancient texts and carvings and superimpose the idea of the federation onto them, we may get a glance of what Rodenberry wrote and where he may have got his material. If you consider the military guarded sites that are supposed to house the holographic hall of records in places like Romania (Bucgei Mountains) or Iraq (just south of Bagdad) and the vast underground complexes in Egypt, Nevada and on the boarders of Venezuela.

Is it so difficult to imagine when we sit and watch a Star Trek episode or movie, we are looking at the distant past and not a possible future?

And if you think this is “out there” try getting your head around “Stargate” and the movie “Prometheus.”

Yes, I know another crazy idea from the mind of a madman, but who said I could not have fun with my blog 🙂

Is any of what I said REAL?

Well that is up to you to make your own mind up, like I said, I’m just kicking the proverbial thought process around…

Whatever the truth is…

Question everything, believe nothing and stay curious…

See you on the other side…




Welcome to my first post on what I hope will be a place for people to discuss, in a respectful and adult way the ideas, opinions and musing of or history.

You will note that this site goes a little further in some of its ideas than the You Tube platform since it is not constrained by the deep states constraints of free speech. When I use the term “deep-state” I am referring to all those groups who seek control and suppression over others while covertly controlling the media, new discoveries and suppression of ancient/new knowledge that would see this world change from the matrix-driven prison planet to the utopia I believe we once had.

As time goes on I will make my own opinions known as I hope you will but the guiding principle is to remain neutral when and where ever possible since if we do not, we run the risk of being sucked into the vortex of hate, negativity and slander the system is designed to encourage.

So why is this post called “The Genesis Chamber?”

Prior to starting the Observation Deck on YT I spent much of my life travelling around the world as an independent researcher, choosing my holiday destinations based on my love of the ancient world. This led me on several occasions to visit Egypt, Petra and other middle-Eastern locations.

This first post is focused on what has been labelled “The Kings Chamber” in the Great Pyramid. Current Egyptology forces the contemporary timeline and subsequently names the builders and uses of the pyramids.

I wish to focus on the Kings chamber for this post:

So here are some quick facts you may not have known…

The Kings Chamber measures 10.45 meters by 5.20 meters, and is 5.80 meters high and is made entirely of pink granite. It had to be built to resist an enormous amount of pressure from the masonry above it. It is a great feat of architecture as its flat roof (composed of nine huge granite blocks) supports over four hundred tons of masonry.


The Coffer was carved out of a single block of red Aswan granite and hollowed out similar to how a carpenter would hollow out a block of wood with an auger — the spiral markings on the inners sides tells us this. Engineers have estimated it would require very hard bits (some precious stone?) and an overhead pressure of 1-2 tons.

The four sides are about 6 inches thick and the base is about 7 inches thick. There is also a lip along the inside edge of the top that hints of a lid, but no lid has ever been found. The broken corner is said to be the result of people chiselling pieces from of the Coffer to take home with them as a souvenir. However this broken corner was already there when the coffer was first discovered and I will come back to this later.


(a) Length = 2278 mm = 89.68 in. = 7.47 ft.
(b) Width = 977 mm = 38.46 in. = 3.2 ft.
(c) Height = 1048 mm = 41.26 in. = 3.4 ft.


(a) Length = 1977 mm =77.83 in. = 6.49 ft.
(b) Width = 677 mm = 26.65 in. = 2.22 ft.
(c) Depth = 872 mm = 34.33 in. = 2.86 ft.

The fact the coffer is LARGER than the entrance to the chamber itself, it must have been placed there PRIOR to the completed construction??? HOW?

How does one with the level of knowledge today’s “experts” claim Egyptians had achieve such incredible feats of engineering without the whole edifice collapsing in on itself?

There are many unanswered questions and here is another…

The average ancient Egyptian adult (male and female) could lay down inside the Coffer with about 188 mm (5.5 in.) clearance to spare at their head and feet. Not a lot of head and foot room, but a body could fit, provided they were not wearing a headdress and other large outer garments.

So here is our first problem; If this was used as a place where an important dead ruler was placed, do you really think they would go against TWO major and ESTABLISHED rules of Egyptian burial?

  1. To bury a God/King WITHOUT and headdress or adornments as is the cased in EVERY OTHER burial found!
  2. To bury a God/King ABOVE GROUND LEVEL. Since all other discoveries clearly show the pharaohs were entombed UNDERGROUND!

What many don’t realise is the amazing fact that the amount of granite taken out of the coffer to create the internal “hollow” is EXACTLY the same amount of granite left which forms the four sides and base! Uncanny and skilful calculations to say the least.

The size of the chamber itself is a wonder of ancient engineering, and let us not forget the AIR-SHAFTS within the chamber since we all know: The dead need to breath!

So let me explain why I believe this is NOT a chamber for the dead of any description and the coffer is NOT A COFFER.

The Genesis Chamber

As Nikola Tesla once said “If you want to know the secrets of the universe. Think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Those words are most important in the case of the Genesis Chamber; Similar the claimed “portals” in South America at Puma-Puka the great pyramid has its own secrets to reveal.

If we remove the idea the Kings chamber is NOT a place for the dead AND not designed for a KING, we are free to explore as to its possible “other” use.

Having removed the preconceptions imposed by dogmatic views by people who in the first place simply wanted to prove the Bible was true, which in itself creates a bias that is now legendary. We are now free to discuss other possibilities based on what we see.

So here is my take on the Genesis Chamber…

The broken corner of the kings chamber sarcophagus was a deliberate attempt at destroying its original use. There was never a “lid” it was an open vessel which required access to the surrounding volume of the room it sat in gathering all the vibrations.

The sarcophagus (and I use the term loosely) was placed centrally in the room (which has since been moved to a slightly different location, therefore disrupting the original use.


So now we come to my take on what and why the room (Kings Chamber) was used…

Imagine you are laying (alive) inside the coffer, the master of the Genesis chamber strikes the coffer (hence the damage) several times like a bell or gong and this creates or sets up a “tuning fork” types of resonance.

This vibration gets amplified by the room itself and creates a feedback loop with the Genesis unit (coffer) being the focal point.

The stone slabs above the chamber directed energy and vibration back down to the Genesis unit.

This had the two different effects depending on the vibrations being amplified on the person within the Genesis unit (GU). These alternate vibrations could easily be created by vocal (mantras) or as mentioned, striking the GU.

The first was rejuvenation, hence the name “Genesis.” Realigning the DNA structure and being the focal point of all that pyramid energy, it gave “new-life” to the recipient within the GU.

The second was the physical from the energetic body or soul/spirit whatever you want to call it. It effectively allowed the person within to “Astral-Project” and find its way out through the “air-shafts” which in this case will now be called “Astral-Shafts.”

Those “air-shafts!” were the exit portals (why would dead people need air?)

It sounds rather crazy eh?

If you take into consideration the engineering, the power of pyramids, mantras and the knowledge of vibration and healing, as in Rife technology and my video on the Dendera light bulbs, it seems not so crazy. For those who have not seen my video on ancient healing and “Dendera Bulbs Decoded” here is the link:

Another aspect of this physical separation of life-force from the body could also include “access” to parts of the great pyramid that do not show up on scans. It seems there is a awful lot of “volume” within the structure unaccounted for and could hold other secrets not available to traditional methods of discovery.

For instance, could it give the “traveller” access to a hidden chamber that holds ancient knowledge like the Akashic records?

Could we be looking at the Hall of records and not seeing it?

The Genesis Chamber may be just a flight of fancy, but if you remove the pre-conceived ideas of what we think we know it opens up all sorts of possibilities in our search for the truth.

Am I correct in my assumptions?

I have no idea, how could I without reinstating the original factors. But if nothing else, I hope this first post inspires you to not be afraid of airing your opinions and exploring our universe of impossible possibilities.

As I mentioned, Tesla told us to think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration and I am doing exactly that.

As always…

Question everything, believe nothing and stay curious…

See you on the other side.